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June 23

Private Health Insurance Hong Kong: Private health care in Hong Kong can be expensive but your Hong Kong private health insurance doesn't need to be.

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If you are a Hong Kong expat looking for Hong Kong private health insurance then you you can make huge savings on the cost of your health insurance when you compare private insurance through NowCompare.

Why Pay More!

The average savings made by Hong Kong expats is around 30%; this is because NowCompare has incredible deals on health insurance and has negotiated exclusive discounts for expats in Hong Kong.

Private Health Insurance Benefits

The health insurance benefits found on international private medical insurance is typically more comprehensive than those found on local Hong Kong health insurance plans.

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Who Can Help Me Find Health Insurance

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Who Can Help Me Find Health Insurance

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Health Insurance Products

August 19

Health Insurance Products

There are many different types of health insurance products available to expats in Hong Kong.

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Your service is second to none, thank you for your support.

Thank you for helping me find the best saving plan.

If anybody asks me where to get the best deals, I will tell them to call NowCompare.

Very happy with the service that I received. The claims team handled everything for me and it was so fast.

Very fast response to what I needed. Supportive staff who care about what has happened and want to make it better as quick as they can.

They are very supportive, keep me updated with information and have lots of extra benefits.

Very responsive great customer service, settled claim within a day, money in my bank account the next day7. Friendly, helpful and professional staff.